This is no ordinary man. This is a Renaissance man.


Hoo boy.

Much like the Alessandro Michele article, I think it’s important to reminisce my history with T over here. So back in like 2010 I was in middle school and the hip hop collective, Odd Future, was blowing the fuck up. Like, fucking crazy. It was insane how wildly popular they got in such a short amount of time. Anyway, I had heard of Odd Future and knew of their iconic donut logo but never cared enough to listen to their music because I wasn’t really into rap too much at the time. Then at some point I heard of the name “Tyler, The Creator”; it was a cool ass name, still kind of is, but it was the same reaction with Odd Future. Back in middle school I had a great friend who I talked to on Facebook like every day and he was really into rap while I was more into… Uh… Ska-punk. ANYWAY. When Tyler’s album, Wolf, came out in 2013 my friend sent me a link to his music video for his track IFHY which I thought was creepy at first because of the mask Tyler wears in the video but the music was cool when I first heard it but I never went back again. I think I forgot about it all, honestly. Fast forward through to my senior year of high school and I’ve had my fair share of seeing the donut-fied OF logo.

Now this is when I find my wings.

So at (Frank) Sinatra (School of the Arts) every year the art seniors would have an end-of-the-year art show showcasing the growth of everyone as an artist, sweet shit. By that time I realized how much music impacts my development as a visual artist, kind of translating the eargasms I have into illustrations and whatnot. So, while we’re starting to prep for the art show and all that I’m hankering for some new music to shit out some new illustrations to hang up at my group’s art show and one night I see a music video by Tyler, The Creator. I haven’t heard of him really in years, let’s see how it goes!

Perfect. That’s the music video I saw.

And man, was it perfect. Fuck, dude. My eyes were taken for a goddamn ride, those colors and that setup. Fuckin’. Amazing. It’s also when I fell in love with Kali Uchis too. Then I saw the music video for Fucking Young, and damn. It was like a fucking movie, like you can probably tell his color theory specifically in that video was inspired by Wes Anderson because he knew that Anderson’s color theory would set those specific moods in the video. Sheer fucking genius, oh Lord. And of course, I listened to the Cherry Bomb album after that and fell into an eargasm coma for over a year; legit, I listened to that fucking album back and forth almost daily for more than a year, and it fueled my art direction to such an insane new and exciting route. That’s how fucking good it is. Cherry Bomb truly does show Tyler’s growth as a person and as an artist, telling his listeners that he’s found his wings and that he’s dealing with different problems resulting in different messages in his tracks (Which is why he doesn’t vent about his dad as much or rapping about the explicit garbage in his previous albums Bastard and Goblin). And as mentioned before, Tyler’s eye for color in his music videos shows that he’s more than just a rapper and if you didn’t figure it out before: he directs his own fucking music videos, too. Yeah. And he designs his own clothes for his Golf Wang brand, goddamn do I love that fucking brand. AND he draws too, though he’s no fucking Renaissance painter he does however have a consistent sketchbook that he’s posted drawings from. He even hosts an annual combination music festival carnival in California called Camp Flog Gnaw. The dude even had not one, not two, but three TV shows: Loiter Squad on Adult Swim (Fucking hilarious), Nuts and Bolts on Viceland, and soon The Jellies cartoon on Adult Swim coming October 22, 2017. In the summer, he released his latest album, Scum Fuck Flower Boy; shit’s one of the best albums out there. Go and give it a listen. Now I could go and gush about Tyler even more, but you can clearly see his influence on my work.

Tyler, The Creator is a Renaissance man.

He’s not just a rapper.

He creates.