The silliest gal you'll ever meet.


Say it with me now:


I’ve known Joelsy since our freshman year at Frank Sinatra (School of the Arts) (The performing arts school) (That no one really knows about because it’s not LaGuardia High School) (Do I need any more ironic parentheses to get my point across?).

Right. So. Joelsy’s always been a happy-go-lucky sort of gal and for most of the years that we’ve known each other she’s one of the quirkiest people I know, too; the biggest quirk being that she didn’t like swearing so she’d say “fluff” and “silly” instead.


Even though her behavior’s generally rated-G, her work goes absolutely beyond the very concept of ratings. Her work truly embodies, twists, French-kisses, and resurrects the infinite fabric of contemporary art, all at the same time; forever, and simultaneously never, and yet… It’s frozen, too. Pretty fucking sick, isn’t it? Though Joelsy comes from Dominican ancestry she’s never really used her upbringing or anything personal to my understanding as subject matter for any of her works, though from seeing her personal growth as a person and always an on-point intellectual who, as cheesy as it sounds for artists, thinks outside of the box. Always. She’s one of the few artists of color I know who never really discusses the continuous rollercoasters of gender, race, and other social conversations that most artists of color eventually depict in their works. It’s one of the unique characteristics of her works that I’ve come to know and deeply appreciate and, of course, respect and love. If her art were to be compared to a fashion brand, I’d think of Comme Des Garçon. Don’t agree, just know that.

Joelsy is currently studying at The Cooper Union here at the Big Apple, and though art college is tough as fuck (especially at a place as name brand as Cooper, eugh), Joelsy always seems to rise again like a phoenix from any sort of bullshit being swung at her whether it be the snobby, shitty, privileged, God-awfully pretentious, BORING children at Cooper, or the seemingly impossible prompts she’s assigned which always results in some damn amazing thought-provoking pieces. She’s the only person who’s convinced me that you can make something presentable of shitty string and pantyhose molded on a canvas. Dude, even saying “pantyhose molded on a canvas” just sounds stupid cool. And it’s not even the point of the pieces being presentable, it’s…

It’s art, man.

Joelsy’s art.